Limited Time Offer For Chico Pain Sufferers

Experience Fast, Long Lasting Pain Relief With Softwave Therapy For Only $47 (normally $175)

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Live Near Chico and Suffer With Chronic Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist, Hand, or Elbow Pain?

New Non-Surgical Technology Is Helping Chico Joint Pain Sufferers Get Lasting Pain Relief Without Drugs, Surgery, Downtime, or Side Effects

Experience Immediate Pain Reduction and Increase Range Of Motion After The First Visit GUARANTEED*

What's Included In Our New Patient Softwave Pain Relief Package?

  • A Free Neckbone Pillow

  • Personal consultation with our doctors.

  • Examination of the area of pain.

  • Softwave Treatment

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*Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that many patients have tried MANY different ways to put an end to their chronic pain. We know how frustrating it is to get your hopes up and pay money for a treatment, only to be left with the same pain.

If you're not completely satisfied after your first treatment, it's on us. That's right - if you don’t experience the relief you expected, the treatment is FREE. We want to put all the risk on us to show you the amazing power of this non-surgical treatment.

We offer new patients a consultation, evaluation, and Softwave Treatment for only $47. Nearly every patient experiences immediate decreased pain and increased range of motion after the first treatment. You will KNOW this treatment works, because you will experience immediately.

Is ONE treatment enough?

For most chronic pain one treatment is not going to lead to a full resolution of symptoms. Unlike other offices that are going to try and sell you an inflated package of treatments we like to take it one treatment at a time. In fact we find that 4-10 treatments helps a majority of patients reach their pain relief goals. Each treatment after the initial treatment is only $175. Don't pay an inflated price and deal with high pressure sales tactics when you can come in and experience Softwave on your terms.

Watch This Video To Learn More About Softwave Technology

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